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May 29 2011

Fork of php-mode for emacs in order to handle namespaces and # as commenting character

Category: Emacs,PHP

Finally, a patch fork that adds support for namespaces, heredoc and the support of # as comment character for this version of php-mode. To apply it, download the patch and execute this simple command line

patch php-mode.el < php-mode.el.diff

After restarting Emacs, you should obtain something like this

# is finally rendered correctly
namespace Pi\Truc\Bidule;
use Pi\XmlTag, Pi\Lib\String;
use Pi\Glob, Pi\Lib\String as PiStr;
$xml = new Pi\XmlTag();
function foo(Pi\XmlTag $bla, PiStr $blo) {}
echo 'L\'ananas';