19 Aug 2007

Asymptote using geometry.asy – fig0060

Figure 0006
(Compiled with Asymptote version 2.14svn-r5318)
import geometry;

coordsys Rp=currentcoordsys;
coordsys R=defaultcoordsys;

show(Label("$O$",align=SE), "$\vec{\imath}$", Label("$\vec{\jmath}$",align=E), R);
show("$O'$", "$\vec{u}$", "$\vec{v}$", Rp, xpen=invisible);

vector w=(0.25,0.5);
point P=(1,0.5);

show("$\overrightarrow{w}$", w);

/* View the definition of transform rotateO(real) */
point Pp=rotateO(90)*P;

dot("Pp=rotateO(90)*P", Pp, W);

dot("rotate(90,Pp)*P", rotate(90,Pp)*P, W);
/* View the definition of transform scale(real,point) */
dot("scale(-2,Pp)*P", scale(-2,Pp)*P, NE);

/* View the definition of transform scaleO(real) */
dot("scaleO(2)*P", scaleO(2)*P,red);
/* View the definition of transform xscaleO(real) */
dot("xscaleO(2)*P", xscaleO(2)*P);
/* View the definition of transform yscaleO(real) */
dot("yscaleO(2)*P", yscaleO(2)*P,W);

vector wp=rotateO(90)*w;

show("$\overrightarrow{w'}$", wp);

draw("$\overrightarrow{w}$", (0,0)--locate(w), W, Arrow);
draw("$\overrightarrow{w'}$", (0,0)--locate(wp), S, Arrow);

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