20 Aug 2007

Asymptote using geometry.asy – fig0240

Figure 0024
(Compiled with Asymptote version 2.14svn-r5318)
import geometry;

// currentcoordsys=cartesiansystem((2,1),i=(1,0.25),j=(-0.25,.75));
// show(lj=Label("$\vec{\jmath}$",EndPoint), currentcoordsys);

point A=(-1,-0.5);
point B=(1,-0.5);
point C=(-1,0.5);

line l1=line(A,B);

/* View the definition of struct segment */
segment s=segment(A,B);
draw(s, linewidth(2bp));
dot("$A$", A, SW);
dot("$B$", B, SE);
dot("$C$", C, S);

segment s1=parallel(C,s);

Label lt=Label("Complementary of $s_1$",Relative(0.5),align=N,grey);
Label[] L={lt, lt};

/* View the definition of line[] complementary(explicit segment) */
line[] cs1=complementary(s1);

/* View the definition of void draw(picture,Label[],line[],align,pen,arrowbar,Label,marker) */
draw(L, cs1, 2mm+lightgrey);

draw(box(locate((-2.5,-1)),locate((2.5,1))), invisible);

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