23 Aug 2007

Asymptote using geometry.asy – fig1140

Figure 0114
(Compiled with Asymptote version 2.14svn-r5318)
import geometry;

// currentcoordsys=cartesiansystem((2,1),i=(1,0.5),j=(-0.25,0.75));
// show(currentcoordsys);

triangle t=rotate(-20)*triangle((-1,0), (2,0), (0,2));
drawline(t, linewidth(bp));
label(t, alignAngle=90, alignFactor=2);

/* View the definition of point incenter(triangle) */
point incenter=incenter(t);

line ba=bisector(t.VA);
draw(ba, blue);
markangle((line) t.AB, (line) t.AC,StickIntervalMarker(i=2,n=1));

line bb=bisector(t.VB);
draw(bb, blue);
markangle((line) t.BC, (line) t.BA, radius=2cm, StickIntervalMarker(i=2,n=2));

line bc=bisector(t.VC);
draw(bc, blue);
markangle((line) t.CA, (line) t.CB, radius=1.5cm, StickIntervalMarker(i=2,n=3));

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