28 Oct 2007

Asymptote using tube.asy – fig0050

Figure 0005
(Compiled with Asymptote version 2.14svn-r5318)
import tube;
import graph3;

real x(real t) {return (1/sqrt(1+0.5*t^2))*cos(2pi*t);}
real y(real t) {return (1/sqrt(1+0.5*t^2))*sin(2pi*t);}
real z(real t) {return t;}

path3 p=graph(x,y,z,0,2.7,operator ..);
path section=scale(0.2)*polygon(5);

// tube.asy defines a "colored path".
// The value of coloredtype may be coloredSegments or coloredNodes.
// Here the path scale(0.2)*polygon(5) has fixed colored SEGMENTS.
coloredpath cp=coloredpath(section,
                           // The array of pens become automatically cyclic.
                           new pen[]{0.8*red, 0.8*blue, 0.8*yellow, 0.8*purple, black},

// Draw the tube, each SEGMENT of the section is colored.

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